Planning a birthday party can be both time-consuming and stressful. Lois Hoffman has created a wonderful resource to make the process less daunting for busy parents.  The Almost Perfect Birthday Party offers a practical, hands-on approach that addresses every aspect of putting together a memorable day for the birthday child and guests. In addition to helping readers plan a party, Hoffman also provides valuable advice in dealing with the unexpected.  I plan to buy several copies as gifts.

~ Carol Larese Millward, Author, Star in the Middle

Ask parents what annual celebration stresses them most, and chances are many will say it’s their child’s birthday party. With the planning, the expense, and the fear of a meltdown among guests or the “birthday child,” it’s no wonder many parents heave a giant sigh of relief and reach for a bottle of aspirin as soon as the party ends.

Help is on the way! In The Almost Perfect Birthday Party, Lois Hoffman shares clear, concise, and easy-to-follow tips on throwing a party that children will love and parents can survive with a smile. Hoffman uses her experience as a professional children’s entertainer and former event planner to offer practical tips on every aspect of party preparation: planning, cost, location, theme, invitations, food, activities, and more.

Parents who invest a little time in reading The Almost Perfect Birthday Party now are certain to save a lot of time (and headaches) later.

~ John Micklos, Children’s Book Author

What an excellent, jam-packed resource for a busy mom who wants to throw a great birthday party for her son or daughter without the pressure of perfection! Lois Hoffman offers fabulous, easy, stress-free ideas that will help any parent feel like a party planning pro! This quick read, go-to guide is a must have that belongs on the family bookshelf.

~ Donna Duffy, Owner, 3E Marketing Solutions/Memorable Milestones, LLC

Lois gives a ton of practical advice that can be helpful for planning any social event. As a professional entertainer who has attended hundreds of parties, she is certainly an expert on the topic. In addition to giving clear, practical information on the party logistics, she includes links to many sites that haven creative ideas for the content of the party. This book is great for busy parents as it is short enough to read in one sitting.

~ C. Conger

Great resource for party ideas and great tips to make it them easier. Parties can get out of hand these days. Easy to use ideas.

~ rscnwkde


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