5 Tips for Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget

Celebrate birthdays with confettiWe are all looking for ways to do more with less. Planning a birthday party is no exception. Here are 5 ways to get the most birthday party for your money.

1. Have a mid-afternoon, 2 hour party. Because you have less time to fill, you will spend less money on food and activities. It gives you more leeway to spend a few extra dollars on things that matter most to your child or make it easier for you.

2. Instead of going to an expensive party place, hire a teenager to help with your party at home. They can help corral the kids, help with serving, or the best part is to help you clean up.

3. Let the activity double as the goodie bag (e.g., have a squirt bottle fight and give them each the squirt bottle, have a treasure hunt with a prize at the end, hula hoop contest or a craft).

4. Decorate with kid-powered art. Stack boxes to resemble a cake, line up boxes with shoulder straps for cars, or a banner paper with “Happy Birthday” written on it and give kids markers or paint to create their own party atmosphere.

5. Let the food take center stage with a gummy bear festival, animal cracker circus, or a individual “CupCake Boss” decorating contest. Your money stretches farther when your food and activities do double duty.

Most importantly, no budget is right, only right for you. You can spend $20 or $2000 and it’s likely your child will not love you any more or less because of it. If you plan with your child in mind, whatever you have to spend will be the right amount.

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