party planningThe Almost Perfect Birthday Party: A sanity preserving guide to planning a party your child will love is a party planning guide with gobs of practical tips and helpful questions to ask your child and yourself to minimize stress and maximize the fun. Whether it is your first party or first-of-its-kind party, this book will lead you through everything from setting a timeline, choosing the right food, and keeping all of the little ones entertained with humor and grace. It is a book for busy parents who want a great party for their child without guilt or stress.

Lois gives a ton of practical advice that can be helpful for planning any social event. As a professional entertainer who has attended hundreds of parties, she is certainly an expert on the topic. In addition to giving clear, practical information on the party logistics, she includes links to many sites that haven creative ideas for the content of the party. This book is great for busy parents as it is short enough to read in one sitting. ~ C. Conger

Already and Amazon Bestseller, The Almost Perfect Birthday Party is available now in ebook format and in print. Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t worry. Download the free Kindle Cloud Reader and read it right on your computer. You can also download the Kindle Reading App for your smartphone.

I would love to hear about your party experiences! Good or bad, funny or poignant, leave a comment and let others learn from you, too.  Have you read the book? Please let me hear from you. You can leave a review on Amazon or a comment here.

Party On!


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